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  1. Killing the environment to death

    If the environment in HGSS had been made to react to what you do, such as make a huge crater when your Gamestop Jirachi uses Draco Meteor on the 20th Rattata that you come across, then I'd be destroying it.

    Not only because of things like what I just mentioned, but because of how many Repels I've used. I think that in the last 3 hours of gameplay, I've used about 100 Super Repels. o____o

    If there was "global warming" in the Pokémon world, I'd be the cause. ...
  2. Midnight+pissed off neighbors= little sleep.

    Super Soaker fight at 10:00 wasn't such a great idea... then me, two of my brothers, and other assorted xchangies/friends went over to a friends house and played ODST System Link Firefight for 100 minutes before most of us got called away... the neighbors are, as stated, pissed off at our loudness and nearly woke my paren't up because we were having fun on a Saturday night.

    Nice neighbors:P plenty of idiot kids for laughs.
  3. Gen V Project #26: Sotama's Garden Variety Pokemon!

    In the Sotama Region, there is a new early rodent, as per tradition, and two new early birds. Here they are.

    #503 - PORKYPINE
    Japanese Name: ケラチネズ
    Romanization: Keratinezu
    Classification: Spiny Pig Pokemon
    Type: Normal
    Height: 2'5"
    Weight: 27 lbs.

    Etymology: The English name is a pun off of porcupine, replacing the "porcu" with "porky". The Japanese name combines "keratin", the fiber ...
  4. My signature... Blown up into a fanfiction

    I'm considering whether I should write a fan-fiction called Pokemon: Wings of a Dream. It would revolve around a fan made character named John Cyrus McCloud, the illegitimate son of Cyrus, before he was selected for an experimental procedure that turned him into an anthropomorphic Luxray.
  5. the Official BMGF bake sale!

    So, to compensate for the massive amount of traffic due to HGSS, we (we being myself and Kasumi) have decided to throw a bake sale.

    heres the instructions:

    1) Make Something that isnt already taken.
    2) Make Something that meshes with your culture.
    3) You can not make something someones already made.
    4) It must be a Desert

    Foods already taken:

    Brownies: DCM
    tamal asado: Kasumi