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  1. Well, my friends think i'm in love

    First off, they promised they would not tell her.(yea right)
    I told them that I think this girl is the most beautiful girl in the world. I would choose her over a super model. I just love the way she smiles, and her eyes. I would do anything for her. She knows i like her, but not like this. Damn, why does Junior year have to be so dramatic.

    Updated 4th March 2010 at 11:24 PM by Midnight Blue

  2. God damn, Omega weapons take forever to level in Challenge Mode of R&CF:ACIT

    I reached it yesterday, and I've begun playing it today. And god damn, not only are they expensive as fuck (the Omega RYNO V takes a downright ridiculous 1,000,000 bolts, which I only got the trophy for at the end of the normal game!), and most others take at least 150,000!), but they also don't level up easily at all. The slight good news is there's a bolt multiplier now, but you have to avoid getting hit if you want to keep it.

    I've been using the Omega Constructo Pistol basically ...
  3. Bye Bye, Darkrai!

    Hi there! First of all, thanks everyone for the birthday wishes on monday!

    I completed Mysery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky's story on Monday, it was easier than EoT, because my partner was Chikorita, I used a strategy this time and had lots of reviver seeds!

    It's resumed this way
    1. First, use a Stun seed on Darkrai, so he can't use Double Team or other moves until you hit him
    2. Attack the others
    3. When there's just Darkrai,
  4. Arcanine sweeping in Rain Dance

    <<UU SHODDY>>
    Okay, these are my first steps in UU, so some battles shall be blogged whether u like it or not.
    I've played like 20 matches, and lost around 6-7 of 'em. Two of which solely because I switched out my Arcanine on seeing a Feraligatr, who otherwise would have been easily dealt with(Thunder Fang when he DDs, Extremespeed next turn. At least makes him vulnerable to Hitmonlee's Sucker Punch).
    This was against someone by the name, bobbito(lol). Well it wasn't ...
  5. wtf @ the kotaku article raging over Japan

    This one

    Apparently, others can detest that it's accurate, even though it's written by a vegetarian whiner. It was so controversial that you can't even access the guy's user bio from it anymore, because so many Japanophiles were flipping their lids over it. But god damn. The elements of truth in that article are kind of startling, actually. Makes Japan look like a country that's a slave to tradition.