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  1. The BAWWWWWWWlog Chronicle

    Yes, this is a BAWWWWWWlog. Don't wanna read it? There's a tl;dr at the bottom. I'll even bold it for you! How nice of me is that?! So here we go.

    So I'm in Bulbachat on this fine evening. Well, I'm chatting, chatting away. And then OH SO GREAT Blazaking (please note sarcasm) wants to sit there and start cussing. Not sure if he was cussing at Ella or Nick`, but either way, I was fed up with it. So I told him to shut up. That's not how you treat a member anyways. So he tells me to ...
    Life , Internet Life
  2. HGSS Crap

    I'm actually disappointed in the game. I was having fun up until I beat the Elite 4.

    I mean, why the crap are all of these Sinnoh Pokémon all of a sudden in the possession of trainers? It's almost as if half of the Pokémon you face now are from Sinnoh. This is supposed to be a remake, not an "integrate the whole series into one game so you don't need outside contact" thing.

    The Team Rocket plot is also extremely short, and boring. I thought it would be better.
  3. Never thought about it...

    So in HG/SS, I just noticed that when you enter somewhere such as a cave, forest, and so on, there is a picture that comes up to display the area. BUT! in the pic, you can see a pokemon in the setting! Now, every time I enter somewhere I try to spot the pokemon like I'm playing "Where's Waldo."
  4. My brain has hatched a bizarre idea for a fanfic or something

    It involves PerfectionistShipping, a sex change operation, and the entirety of Team Rocket being OOC. And Jessie, Cassidy, and Domino dragging Hun to watch a chick flick with them.
    And random cries of "WTF Blood!!??".

    I have really weird ideas sometimes, don't I?


    Giovanni: You are officially fired.

    Prof. Sebastian: Why?
    Giovanni: Because it is against company policy to perform an experimental sex change operation
  5. The Zenshu Region: Glittergrove City

    One thing I want to establish about Zenshu is the role that seasons play in the region. When I am trying to find material to base each area off of I mainly look for seasonal attributes in the area in relation to real Japan.

    Route 50
    If you think that crossing routes is going to be as easy as past regions think again because the Zenshu region has routes that will kick your ***.

    Among the stuff you will see on route 50 are:
    -A valley as well as a mysterious ...

    Updated 22nd March 2010 at 06:13 PM by Tiki Man