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  1. This has reached the limit.

    Hello, Today I woke up early ( This was wrote on the same day at 19:52 Britain time I'll tell you why later ) I went on the laptop and everyone woke up, I had my breakfast and Thats where the problems started, I accidently dropped some sugar and my mum gave me the dead eye, I later went upstairs and realised the time was dragging, me and my brother were in our room when my sister came and told us my mother had taken all photo's down off us, as baby's, at school everything gone, she ignored us and ...
  2. Hate Valentines? You must be single...

    Today's the Valentines, a somewhat controversial day (at least in my country). On this day I hear the same sentence all the time. This sentence is a classic example of a stereotypical model of thinking. A model of thinking that makes me batshit crazy.

    "You hate the Valentines only because you're single".

    Well, while it's true that I'm a single, the reasons why I hate Valentines are purely ideological. I doubt that the Americans will understand what I'm saying. ...
  3. Pichu's Blog, Entry 5

    I'm getting frustrated with level 6-1 in Nightmare in Dreamland. So I'll just go back to saying my newest party members in Pokémon Diamond.

    -Chelsea (Happiny)
    -Elvira (Golbat)
    -Todd (Kadabra)
    -Aqua (Ponyta)
    -Gary (Turtwig)

    How the nicknames came to be:

    -Chelsea (Random)
    -Elvira (Should be pretty obvious)
    -Todd (Random)
    -Aqua (Female from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep)
    -Gary (Random) ...
  4. Ask Jabber Anything

    Following trends is fun! So yeah. Ask me anything. I'll try to reply best I can.
  5. لا أتبلم العربية بر أتكلم برتقالي لا أتكلم العربية لا أتكلم العربية لا أتكلم العربية

    Ok sorry I don't speak Arabic. Here is the list of members who have won a contest within the last 24 hours:

    Saturn Yoshi

    So I asked them about this

    And they said they would be glad to. FML

    Anyway just wanted to relay the news. Have a great day everyone