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  1. Guess who Got their Permit?

    That's right, me.
    After reading the book agazillion times, every online test I could find, and various pep talks from the Twit Clique, I pulled off a 24/25

    the one question I got wrong?

    "what color is a stop sign?"

    you bet your shiny metal dafodill ass I threw that question.

    Thanks to everyone who helped me!
  2. Dear God, this is the funniest thing I've ever seen.

    Thanks, TVTropes!

    Srsly, this shit is hilarious. Post your favorite if you want.
  3. Its official! I feel great!

    Hey, I'm sorry about my lack of recent blogs but I'm back, This was written 14:26 Britain, I decided I'll be to busy tonight, watching Eastenders as Archie's murderes found, I got my pocket money its Peggy, Grant or Jack, all I want to say is I'm feeling good, my bloated stomach has gone and I feel like I can eat, see ya!
  4. Results!

    The results from the best moderator awards are as follows.

    BMGf , Fun & games
  5. What the hell just happened in Dante's Inferno?

    I was on Geryon's Back (between Violence and Fraud), and I was trying to beat the enemies. I was having a tough time, for once (kept running out of mana) and the music stopped after I died the first time. That's not the weird part, though. The weird part is, after I managed to survive, I died anyway! It was the strangest thing, too. It looked like the platform kept on falling past where it normally stops, going straight through Fraud and directly into Treachery (and running out Dante's lifebar in ...