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  1. Update!

    Okay, just a minor update on the golden/silvery schemes of things.

    HG: Just conquered the E4. Time: 23:17. Lowest level: 53.

    SS: Just conquered the E4. Time: 25:09. Lowest level: 51.
  2. otaku strikes again

    do you remember that guy who married a video game character? well, it took a while, but it seems he has been one-upped...

    by none other than the guy who married a dakimakura!

    hmm. well, to be honest, i don't think they look very appealing as a couple. :(
  3. Gen V Project #23: The Ruler of the Underworld...Yomigale!

    The golden winged bird of the sun...
    The silver winged dragon of the storms...
    The luminescent avian of the moon...
    The three of them watch over our world...
    But there is another...

    #618 - YOMIGALE
    Japanese Name: ヨミゲイル
    Romanization: Yomigale
    Classification: Underworld Pokemon
    Type: Ghost/Flying
    Height: 42'0"
    Weight: 1465 lbs.

    Etymology: Like most legendaries, its name is basically the ...
  4. Pokewalker + Ceiling fan = ???

    A friend of a friend of mine tried this. And it did not turn out as expected...

    ...see, there's a 99999 step a day limit on the Pokewalker. So he reached that with ease. But the rest? All for nthing. Just imagine finding this out by shaking or by walking! That'd suck the shit!

    Fan method is still way better when it comes to getting that 100000 bastard though. What were they thinking???
  5. My top ten shipping choices for Ash, among other things.

    1. Gary
    2. Angie
    3. May
    4. Anabel
    5. Misty
    6. Dawn
    7. Brock
    8. Paul
    9. Nobody
    10. Pikachu

    ...And now for the other things.

    ...Is it stupid of me not to evolve my Zubat in SoulSilver? She's so cute, and I actually have a Zubat plushie...if Mabel evolves, then I won't be able to pretend the plushie is Mabel the Zubat from my SoulSilver game anymore...
    ...I've had this weird tradition of naming Zubats "Mabel"