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  1. Now I really do feel old

    Just read this article, then had the following conversation

    (20:01:04) ArchaicEternal: I just realised that the guy behind 4chan is younger than me. I feel so old now.
    (20:03:23) ZhenLin: ha...
    (20:03:56) ArchaicEternal: He's 22.
    (20:04:23) ZhenLin: On the other hand, we've been around longer... I think.
    (20:04:59) ArchaicEternal: Yes. 4chan was started in 2003.
  2. I wish I could stop my kitten from trying to scratch my speakers

    Just another one of the reasons he unfortunately isn't allowed into my room. Also, partially because he sometimes steals my chair, but that's no big deal when it happens.
  3. Browsing FF.net brings forth a question.

    Namely, why do people keep giving Misty and May the last names of "Waterflower" and "Maple," respectively?

    "SRSLY, guys, WTF?"

    Giving Dawn the
  4. Gen V Project #25: The Wanyudo Segway? Ixxle and Axxion!

    The Pokemon of the Underworld, Pokedex 594-609, are a group of mischievous Pokemon formed from the dark parts of souls. They live in the Underworld, forced to wander around although on occasions they manage to escape and often wreak havoc across the land. However, despite popular belief, they are not completely evil. In fact, many of them seem to simply act out because of their loneliness and pain. Strong trainers are able to capture these Pokemon and reform them, saving them from a lonely fate. ...
  5. The misadventures of Ken: Chapter 3 (Part 4)

    by , 19th March 2010 at 09:08 PM (Welcome to the archives of my insanity!!!)
    Anti-Ken:Oh...And one more thing...


    Anti-Halo:Before you fight us...

    ???:You must survive my wrath!!!


    Ken and Mecha turn around to see..

    Ken:Who are you?

    ???:I am Trojan Halo!!!!

    Anti-Halo:Bit confusing for me..

    Trojan Halo:The Trojan clones shall not fail in there conquest to destroy reality!!

    Sub-Boss:Trojan Halo