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  1. *_*

    My eye hurts. Seriously guys this is the best JOKE you could have thought of for this game release.

    But anyway I won't bore you with what all are doing. ie playing HGSS.

    A Pokémon opening made of awesomeness:
    GO SEE IT!
  2. ~!Pokémon Heart Gold!~

    So I've been busy because my exams are like 2 weeks away... we have to study everything we've done in the whole year..

    I had pre-ordered it as I mentioned some time ago
    and it is currently at the time of the post in

    Departed FedEx location- Probably in the flight to India!

    I will try to edit and tell you where the game is for the next 2 days! ...

    Updated 15th March 2010 at 12:24 PM by Badal

    Who's gonna run this life?
  3. There's a Party...

    ...going on outside my house. Not next door. Not across the street. But at least, oh I don't know, around several kilometers away from my house. And I could hear people singing and playing music, even from my room.

    This isn't the first time this happened. There were other times, but I can't remember those moments.

    Most of the time, I don't mind it, but at other times, it drives me nuts. And, out of respect, I don't want to get myself in trouble for bothering the par ...

    Updated 19th April 2010 at 07:11 AM by PlatinumDude

  4. Fuck this shit

    by , 15th March 2010 at 03:29 AM (fere libenter homines id quod volunt credunt)
    Now that Team Rocket's invaded everyone's gone retarded.

    Well, more so than usual.

    I have decided there is only one way for me to avoid this horrific civil war, a conflict that tears BMGF apart even worse than a propensity for cruising for dick in the men's restroom tears apart the careers of anti-gay Congressmen.

    Fuck Team Rocket. Fuck Team Not-Rocket. I'm going with Team Vault-Tec.

  5. Heart Gold Log

    Quote Originally Posted by Ierdar View Post
    Current Status:
    Lexington Kentucky

    Current Team:
    ....Lexington Kentucky.

    So I decided I was too lazy to go out and buy the game, so I pre-ordered through Amazon a few days before it came out. Jokes on me.
    So I'm going to be awesome and try to keep track of what I'm doing on my HG game...when it decides to leave Lexington Kentucky. Chances are high that this will be the last post.