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  1. Sunnyshore actually exists

    Yeah, it does. That's the English name of one of the most luxurious resorts here.

    Felt like sharing. Too bad there isn't a gym there.

  3. It's SAT Time

    Guess what, everyone?! My math team won second at regionals! We're going to state! But we it took seven hours to get home.

    Anyways, it's that special time of the year again. That's right, SAT time! So many people are stressed about passing. Glad I'm not. I normally get around 570 in language arts, and around 550 in math. I have to take a big science one(Piece of cake), and a P.E. one. I KNOW I'm passing P.E., and science isn't hard. I can convince my science teacher to let me have ...
  4. We need to spring life into this dead pitiful excuse of a blogspot.

    Seriously you guys what the hell? Its the weekend, were anything wild and crazy happens. Like me, I just experienced a crazy meeting with a Hobo. Dude started singing and shit and then grabbed me to dance. I was trying to get away but he dragged me into a waltz. After dancing his hilarious ramblings resulted him balleting into the middle of the street, tippy toeing through it, only to land on his face. Thank god someone saw all this, or the bus would have crushed his skull if we didn't drag him ...
  5. First time in a while I haven't been interested in a WWE PPV

    The card is just horribly weak.

    First, there's Batista VS. Cena. Word is, that Batista is finishing up in the WWE this week, so no surprises will come of that. Then, there's Swagger VS. Orton. I'm not too interested in this - I would've rather seen Y2J VS. Swagger VS. Edge in a triple threat, which would've made the most sense. Speaking of Y2J and Edge, their match is the sone interesting one on the card.

    Next, you got an "Extreme Makeover" match for the ...