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  1. Why is Pokemon becoming so Machine Like?

    Well I don't really know. Its becoming really like a machine game. I mean like all the legendarys in the Sinnoh region are not even animal like!! Well I will get back to everyone as to who and why the people who make pokemon did this!!
  2. The Horrors of Spring

    Considering my allergy attacks haven't been cured yet..............spring is about to make things even worse for me. Although the allergy medication does help, it doesn't exactly get rid of the junk up my nose, so I still have the runny nose, stuffy nose, and sneezing.

    BLAH! Cut off my nose!

    Although, I found a bright side to all this, seeing as how I managed to pick up a copy of FF VIII, which I thought I would never find, off the internet for that matter........yeah....I ...
  3. An Actual Forum Guide

    All tongue in cheek.

    Announcement and Rules: you're supposed to read the rules here, but no one does except the mods when they want to infract you or the wahhhmbulance looking to get an enemy in trouble. or the nazis. damn nazis.
    Subforum: FAQ People go here to propose the same old Ideas over and over again, ignoring the older similar threads where this has been addressed.
    Garden Grotto: People go here to spam welcomes and increase their e-penis. that's pretty much it. ...
  4. Hm....

    So I've been playing my HeartGold version a lot... I have SoulSilver, too, but all I've mainly been doing in that one is running around till my Charmander egg hatches since I traded over one from my Diamond version to it.

    Annnyyyywaaaaays... I figure it's been a while since I've actually posted anything here... in my blog that is... (the forums, too... but I may start posting something every now and then, who knows?). I'm actually quite pleased with my team on HeartGold at the moment. ...
  5. The BAWWWWWWWlog Chronicle

    Yes, this is a BAWWWWWWlog. Don't wanna read it? There's a tl;dr at the bottom. I'll even bold it for you! How nice of me is that?! So here we go.

    So I'm in Bulbachat on this fine evening. Well, I'm chatting, chatting away. And then OH SO GREAT Blazaking (please note sarcasm) wants to sit there and start cussing. Not sure if he was cussing at Ella or Nick`, but either way, I was fed up with it. So I told him to shut up. That's not how you treat a member anyways. So he tells me to ...
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