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  1. Of Electric Mice and Kids

    For some weird reason right now, a question keeps popping into my mind. Honestly, it's a question I don't even have an answer to for myself, let alone for anyone else, because the possible answers vary widely. After all, when one starts playing Pokemon, obviously, how they play is going to effect what their team is, how they train said team, and when they go after which Pokemon (and for what reason). Some of us are content to simply catch until we're satisfied with our team; others obsessively ...
  2. Yay, I have Wi-Fi Again! ...But my Laptop's Battery Died :(

    Yesterday a new modem came in the mail and I was set-up for Wi-Fi in less than an hour. Today though, my laptop's battery died. It has to be constantly plugged in and if it comes unplugged, laptop shuts off ;_;
    I'll have to get a new one soon I suppose.
  3. Fun Poems, You have to read them

    a two part blog

  4. Oh, fiction slam is tonight

    Fourth one we've hosted. Possibly judging and exhibiting for it. Whee, they've always been fun.

    I suppose the only thing I regret is my participation in the last one. I'll never know how they reacted to my short on a guy molesting his kid's teddy bear. I got out of class, had a little time, said a little piece (and I can't officially compete this year either because I've graduated. Waa), and then, well, RAN to the next class. So I never knew, since it would have taken them a moment ...
  5. Standardized Testing Sucks

    Oh, God, it so friggin' does.

    That will be all.