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  1. Hey!

    EDIT: I got knocked off the top anyways.

    My last blog didn't get any comments...at all...so...here:


    Updated 27th May 2010 at 08:42 PM by Garrett Givre

  2. Poor male duck.

    Yesterday, the ducks didn't come, thanks to the lawnmower men being around. Today, they also didn't seem to come around. Someone said they saw them in the early morning. I saw them just now, but they seemed...shyer than usual for some reason. They were hanging around in a puddle behind my house. Then this happened after they left.

    Both are here...

  3. I Wake up Today

    And find out that a good percentage of my friends here have changed their names. No, I don't find anything wrong with the name-change feature, but I just found it unexpected. I actually had to go to their profiles to find out what their old names are. (I can tell what a user's old user name was just by looking at their profile layout, and if that layout changes, also by looking at a conversation I had with that person).

    Hope this blog isn't infraction-worthy.
  4. Today's Song

    I Like Money
    Click to hear

    Pop music is my passion. The Millionaires are a different kind, they kind of just talk, don't really sing. But I really like them. :)

    Probably stems from the fact I was a hardcore myspacer a couple years ago. They encompess that mindset completely.

    On a side note, it bothers me when people don't have categories for their blogs now. It's ...

    Updated 1st July 2010 at 12:37 PM by Garrett Givre

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  5. Hi.