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  1. Yay! The weekend! (or not)

    So my mom's idea of a weekend is "homework" (I'm homeschooled) that'll take up a few hours, then going outside and working. weeeeee...
  2. *goes by her instincts* *is pleasantly surprised*

    If Black&White are every remade, off the top of my head for sexiness:

    Black Lily
    White Chrysanthemum

    And as it turns out, in the language of flowers:

    Black Lily - lies
    White Chrysanthemum - truth


    And it looks like the heroine's hair is black. But given the quality of the leaks, it could just be a dark blue. -_- It better not be blue. I'm sick of blue. Hero looks like a brunet though. ...
  3. Pokemon Black and White.

    This guy springs into my mind and this song magically came out of my mouth.

    Lets hope Black doesn't change into purple once it reaches the US
  4. Posting on other people's blog...

    ...is entertaining when you're bored.

    Here I am, posting on this uglycool blog. Not a lot I can say, but I beat the E4 on SS and had an amazing battle with Bracken (the owner of this blog).

    Beware of shameless advertising: you can see the battle here.

    Until next time... wait, is this copyrighted by serebii.net? Then nevermind...

    Until my next blog, see you!
  5. What the fuck did they do to Bass in Megaman 10!?

    I was waiting for him to be released so I could get the rest of my trophies for that game. I figured double jump = rape, just like it was in MM&B (the original Megaman 9 to me). Or in other words, I get to laugh in the face of all those annoying jumps that require pixel-perfect positioniong.

    But nope. No double jump. He's got is his dash (you can dash-jump too) and 7-direction shooting, but not the double jump. Damn it Crapcom. I want my $2 back fuckers.