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  1. Celebi/Zoroark

    Why can't I figure out how to use tags?

    "Legendary Pokemon attack the City!?"

    "A scene {where} Entei and others attack the residents...Is this the Illusion's work!?"

    "Legendary Pokemon add harm!?" {"Harm" could also be mischief}

    "This time it seems ...
  2. YOJ Attempts Humor, or; Obligatory OMG-Teh-Starters-Gots-Silhouettes Blog Entry

    New generation means new Pokemon. New Pokemon means Pokemon Sunday will be featuring a lot of silhouettes. Pokemon Sunday featuring a lot of silhouettes means the fandom collectively shits themselves for a week, spouting theories, until the next week or so, when they all find out they are wrong.

    Anyway, here's what we got:

    And out of the goodness of my heart I'm gonna go ahead and tell you what ...
  3. IMO, the designers just drew shapes while high to design the newest Pokemon

    I know that every generation, design seems to get worse, but I get the impression that these may, in fact, be the worst starters yet. Yes, worse than plain-green-body-Chikorita-Line and something-a-six-year-old-might-draw-Typhlosion. I'm not interested in seeing any of them, and when I play, I'm definitely going to hurl them violently into the box as soon as I can catch something (which will probably be an older Gen throwback).

    The only hope is that they end up like an anti-Chimchar. ...
  4. Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster of the Week #4: Dark Flare Knight and Mirage Knight

    Yeah, that's right. I'm doing 2 monsters for this week's Yu-Gi-Oh! monster of the week. That's because both are related.

    Anyway, this week's monsters are Dark Flare Knight and Mirage Knight.

    [U]Dark Flare Knight:[/U]
    Dark Flare Knight is the fusion of Dark Magician and Flame Swordsman (the signature cards of Yugi Muto and Joey Wheeler, respectively). One of my biggest gripes about him is that his ATK is weaker than one of his fusion components (Dark Magician). However, ...

    Updated 10th July 2010 at 12:39 AM by PlatinumDude

  5. I think my kitten's out of rubber bands

    I hid all the ones he brought me a couple days ago. He hasn't found another since. I still don't know where he gets them. Instead, he's been bringing me this severed head of a wooden (?) mouse toy. It was pretty hard and heavy, but draped with cloth to make it look like a mouse. He plays rough, mouse loses head, and he plays with lost cloth head.