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  1. Kabutops set list? and Nature

    im new to Natures and EV training i've been with Pokemon since red and blue came out and the first episode of season 1 came out.

    I have a Kabutops on my platnium i traded over from my FIrered it has a quircky nature which mean the nature neather gains 10% evs or loses 10%.
    im ok with it i dont mind its at level 66 with the moves.
    2.)Acient power
    4.)Aerial ace

    what moves would best suit it??? . its stats are ...
  2. These should be the version mascots of 5th Gen.

    It took me about ten minutes to put these together. Does it mean that I have no life, or does it mean that I am a genius?
  3. I'm going to go ahead and ask the audience...

    So... over the weekend I've managed to scrounge together $40 to buy a new DS game while still managing to keep all of the money I have saved up for the summer, and when I say scrounge, I mean scrooounge. I'm spending my $10 in $2 bills that I vowed never to spend, I'm spending my lucky $5 bill with a goatee and angry eyebrows drawn on Lincoln (that's how it was when I got it), I found $7 in the back pocket of a pair of my jeans, $3 in quarters, and I'm still having to borrow some money from my mom. ...

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  4. Oh shit 2010s bout to be all in 2009s celeb death of the year

    Dio is apparently on his death bed with cancer, and metal is now in danger of losing its voice. He better pull through, I need his voice in new albums.
  5. Sunday 16th May 2010.

    Today was a fair day.
    Did naff all but play HG and Final Fantasy IV.

    I'll make better blogs. Promise xD