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  1. I can has Formspring


    So yeah. Ask me shit. Try to keep it appropriate, though. My parents monitor the thing. ;;
  2. Heart Gold/ Soul Silver

    today HG/SS comes out in australia im really excited because mum and dad said i could get one when it came out and one when its my birthday but then last night mum and dad said im not allowed to get on and my little sister can get one instead of me. its not fair she gets everything she wants because shes the youngest. does this happen with everyone because if it does its not fair
  3. sometimes I hate my friends

    by , 24th March 2010 at 10:52 PM (Maybe witty, maybe a good blog, or maybe not.)
    Am I the only one with common sence in my school? People who I barely know and people who I've known for years ask me for advice, I tell them what I think and they do the EXACT oppsite of what I tell them. Then they bitch and whine about how nothing goes their way and they ask for advice about how to fix it, and the cycle starts over again. An example of this is when my best friend is doing something for the talent show that will ruin whatever popularity she has and she knows it. I have told her ...
  4. Gen V Project #29: Pocket Monster Move Corner Issue 2

    Here are five new moves in Pokemon Iron and Bronze.

    Spirit Beam(Chaneringu チャネリング "Channeling")
    PSYCHIC/SPECIAL/20/100%/5 PP
    "The user summons the spirits of fainted party Pokemon. The more fainted Pokemon, the more damage."

    A special Psychic variation on the move Beat Up, it has up to 100 power depending on how many fainted Pokemon you have in your current party. Like Beat Up, instead of one attack, each of the five possible attacks ...
  5. Stunted action

    Is it to force you to breed and start at the lowest level possible to have a Vulpix with a fire move? Why have Vulpix sit pretty at level 14 when 14 is just when they learn Will-o-wisp? Bull, man. They're just making it impossible to level up without diligence. I got no time for diligence.

    On that note, it seems like the HM Slave of the generation is Quagsire (barring Feraligatr...but what heartless moron uses a starter for their mule?). And none that do Fly. With no DeFog, Skarmory ...