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  1. Saban Buys Back Power Rangers!

  2. Have we cracked down? Or did I miss something?

    By "Cracked down" i mean, have we gotten rid of the majority of trolls as soon as we expected them to arrive? There has been almost no good activity of the trolls ever since the Hall of Shame went away from the normal members.

    I was hoping for a bunch of new trolls to come popping in as soon as the new games were announced. I mean, new Pokemon? That has to be a troll magnet. Or the new female design? Or even the mention of the two game names themselves. I would have expected ...

    OK here what I think of the new starters:
    Grass-great but his eyes are weird.
    Water- HATE IT it look like a bad clown.
    Fire-BEST cute, greatest blend of light and darkness.
  4. Season Zero Episode 17

    Lawnmowergirl’s “Yu-Gi-Oh! Subbed Anime Marathon Project of Doom!”

    Episode Review: “Season Zero” (Toei), Episode 17

    Series/Season: “Season Zero” (Toei)
    Episode Number: 17
    Thoughts: Looking forward to this one…although lately I’ve been saying that a lot. But…I mean it every time I say it. To be honest, at first, I had regarded this series as nothing more than an odd bit of forgotten history and perhaps an opportunity to see Bakura ...
  5. The starters...

    Well, I saw the B/W starters, and I'm kinda disappointed. I was hoping that the Water-Type was gonna be a polar bear and I hoped that the Fire-Type was a rabbit. I really don't know what the Grass-Type is. O_O