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  1. What Spring Brings

    There are many things that come with spring. Some are good, others are bad. Some are:

    Good Ones:
    - Spring Break
    - Nice Weather
    - Time to Read
    - More Time With My Dog
    - Trips
    - More Time With Friends
    - More Time Online

    Bad Ones:
    - Homework
    - More Projects
    - My Language Arts Teacher's Art Project D:
    - Time Seems to Go By Slower

    Those are my things.
  2. A new beginning

    Finally, it's time to let one of Bulbagarden's worst kept secrets out of the bag.

    At a point early to mid last year, I was approached by a company responsible for the publishing of a number of gaming and technology related websites and magazines, and was offered the opportunity to head up a new social news site devoted to anime, manga, fandom and Japanese culture. Now, within the next couple of weeks, this site should finally be ready for launching to the general public.
  3. Why is killing Terra in Dissidia so satisfying

    Her voice is okay when she's just talking in a cutscene, but in battle it just doesn't work at all, and is more annoying ("GET AWAY! GET AWAY! GET AWAY! benevolent wind...GET AWAY!"). Her death scream is so damn worth it to hear when you do pull off the win, though.

    It feels so wrong to say this, but that's how it is for me. I think this game has single-handedly made me hate the bitch.
  4. System Error's Ultra Mega Kickass Nxt Generation 5 Essay Episode 1x+1=3 solve for x

    Okay, so starter Pokemon. There's grass guy, fire guy, and water guy. I forgot what water guy is like, but grass guy is again some guy with some plant that grows as he grows. Fire guy has fire on him. Shut up about Blaziken - a guy got fired over that. Logic dictates that since we had a bird two reptiles and a fish in between, there will be another bird to have a RRFBB pattern.

    Psychic/Fighting/Dark? Well, not only would that not make any sense because Psychic is plain non-effective ...
  5. Okay, what is up with all this Touhou stuff?

    I mean, this is one of the fandoms I would expect to find VERY few people who even know about Touhou. After all, it's not super well known. But I see a few people who have touhou characters in their sigs/avatars. iunno, it's just weird. >_>

    To those who know what I'm talking about: Have you played the games, or do you just know the characters? Just out of curiosity, not trying to sound condescending here.

    To those who haven't played but know of Touhou: you should ...