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  1. Pokemon.....Black and White?!

    Uhhhh...Black and White? That's a little.....weird for Pokemon game names. I'm getting Black, because black is a cooler color.
  2. Announcing the third version to my lolgen5 thing...

    Name credit goes to yet another friend, but not one involved with Sedimentary Rock/Photosynthesis.

    yeah iunno anymore.

    ... I just noticed there's a random white dot on the Japanese logo. oh well. ... and that I didn't tint the pokémon in the box arts... oh well again. xD

    However, since I was editing ...
  3. FMA 106

    OMG i just read the new Fullmetal Alchemist chapter, man this manga is seriously one of the best mangas one the planet :D
  4. *Gleeful, slightly deranged cackle*

    As you may recall, I had a spot of difficulty in HeartGold. Namely, I kept losing to Clair. But no more! At last, I have defeated that bitch! After only 11 tries!

    Now I just have to get the Badge.
  5. Lookit what I figured out how to do!

    ♪Yay! I figured out how to do this! With the special characters and stuff! Now I have no excuse not to type the word "Pokémon" properly! Still don't know how to ...

    ...what that is, I don't actuallt know. But it looks like "DP". :D

    Expect the rest of this blog post to mostly be meaningless ramblings interpersed with random symbols.

    There. If I do Arial Black, I can get the heart.
    Hm. Black and white.