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  1. My New Fic

    So for those who haven't heard, I'm rewriting 'A Savior's Legacy.'

    I'm doing so in order to integrate some major plot changes, new characters, new pokemon, and basically just make the story different.

    Some of the plot will remain the same, but most will be changed. I want to make it a better work by correcting some of the clutter, the character flaws, etc.

    I've even given it a new title, 'The Power Inside,' because I think it is a more accurate title. ...
  2. -_- Note to self:

    Black Arachnid
    Gym Badge thieves

    ...maybe Keith (Kanto), Band of Diglett thieves, Crimson, Azure...

    *flop* Come on, bastard system. I think the 503's were better than this shit.

    Updated 6th April 2010 at 03:00 PM by Luna Tiger

  3. To those who desire a challenge in pokemon: NUZLOCKE!!!

    by , 6th April 2010 at 01:33 PM (Spontaniety is my greatest weapon.)
    I've heard of this thing called the Nuzlocke Challenge, what could be called one of the most extreme challenges in a pokemon game to date. The basic rules are:

    1: If any of your pokemon faint, no volume of Ho-oh piss turned into crystal remedy will revive them. Fainting = Death, and fainted pokemon are NOT to be used again, but either released or permaboxed.

    2: If you enter a new area and engage in a battle first time there, you must either capture or kill what you ...
  4. 04.06.10

    EV training a Ralts. /epicfailatlife

    Meh, who knows, maybe he'll turn out good.

  5. So... Anime Boston....

    Who went? I DIDN'T GET TO GO. BAWW. Buuuut, several of my friends did. I feel kind of left out, but I couldn't really leave the state anyways ;-; Just in case anything happened to me and I had to be taken to the hospital because my my current condition -- even though I'm not that worried about injuring myself in my present condition. However, I've digressed.

    Anywho... one of my friends is bringing me back a Morty commission, so that makes me extremely happy. |D I kind of wish that ...