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  1. GTS Offers

    *Warning: Uninteresting blog entry!

    I have put up a GTS offer; will I get it? A lv. 2 Cyndaquil for any Charmeleon. Will it be shiny? I doubt it! Will it be a hack? Maybe! Was this just a "test" because I was curious of what happens on the GTS? YES!

    Updated 30th May 2010 at 10:16 PM by Casual Cnidarian

  2. Ducks are soft.

    I was hand-feeding the male. The female, as usual, stayed a fair distance off(she sometimes gets close, but won't eat out of my hand). Anyway, I poured a little too much, and decided to use both hands. In the process, he brushed up against my hand a couple times. Pretty silky soft stuff. It's like...well, I can't think of something to compare it to, because it was that soft. Not really fluffy, either, though it may just be the one part (bottom of the head/neck).

    :3 as usual
  3. Diomond:HARD MODE: Nuzlocke Challenge, Day 9

    Lt left the solocean pokemon center, and stopped in front of the tower. He looked down at the poke-ball in his hand and a tear fell from his eye

    Current team
    Chad the Grotle (M) Lvl 24
    Tager the Gyrados (F) Lvl 24
    Opaque the Roselia (F) Lvl 24
    Eos the Cranidos (M) Lvl 24
    Savio the Ponyta (F) Lvl 23
    Xenix the Murcrow (M) Lvl 20

    It allways rains on route 215 to veilstone, Thunder is allways a danger....allways

  4. I got a great GTS deal!

    This morning, I got a shiny L1 female Adamant Japanese Spearow off the GTS, and all the person wanted was any Smeargle. I gave him the female I caught myself in the Ruins of Alph, which I didn't need because I already have a Japanese female. And the Spearow looks legit. Pretty good trade, I must say.
  5. Either I've written Obsession too long or I watch too many food shows

    I had a dream that Takeshi Kaga (Japanese voice of Jirarudan and host of the original Iron Chef) was in town to judge a contest and I interviewed him.

    What stands out is how NORMAL the dream was. He spoke English (I don't know if he really does), and when I asked him why he doesn't do more voice acting and mentioned Golbez and Jirarudan, he laughed and said "Oh, so you've seen that movie". His reply was something about how it was too difficult with the time codes.