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  1. Wind Waker

    Is the best Zelda game EVAR. Everyone thinks so. No exceptions.


  2. Every time I think I have a brilliant idea, I remember that it's crazy

    Yeah....how many people are well-versed in their knowledge of both YGOTAS and the actual history of Egypt?
    *raises hand*
    Yeah, didn't think so.

    Plus I can't draw worth crap on my laptop. GIMP is insanely oversensitive to the slightest movement, and Paint is...well, paint. Plus I'd need a good reference pic for Priest Seto.

    And it's pretty hard to find pictures of Ancient Egyptian board games.

    ...And this is why no one knows the rules to senet. ...
  3. I killed a guy in a dream by

    by throwing a glass of Cheez-Whiz at his head, all while screaming, "EAT CHEESE, MOTHERFUCKER!" It shattered and it was an instant, kinda-bloody death.

    He was trying to kill me, though he didn't seem to have any weapons on him or get a chance to reveal them. I just knocked out/knocked down his buddy, he uttered a verbal threat, and I grabbed the conveniently-placed glass and WHAMMO! Then I freed my friends and we proceeded to kick ass in less-than-fatal ways. Am I fucked ...
  4. I Heard From This Guy Who Told Somebody...

    I get my first day of PT today. I'm so excited. I thought it was supposed to start an hour ago, but it wasn't so I leave in the next half hour or something.

    PT is physically therapy for the record.

    I tore my left quad muscle running so now I'm out for the rest of the softball season. That's depressing, but the good news is that I don't need surgery. That was a previous concern.


    So, the doctor told me they're going to do ultra sound ...
  5. Curiosity got me when it came to Eeveelutions so I started a Survey and this is it...

    I became curious about what is the more popular Eevee form be it Eevee or an Evolved form so I'm taking making a Survey called Favorite Eeveelution or Eevee stage... and these are the options I'm using...

    Eevee- Normal type
    Vaporeon- Water type
    Jolteon- Electric type
    Flareon- Fire type
    Espeon- Pyshic type
    Umbreon- Dark type
    Leafeon- Grass type
    Glaceon- Ice type
    Undecided- Can't choose between them
    Multiple- More than one ...