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  1. I joined the mariowiki forum today

    It's boring there.

    Updated 11th September 2010 at 01:34 PM by Mijzelffan

    Internet, Video Games, Tv or Movies
  2. Apparently, Bret Hart is done with the WWE for now

    WWE legend Honky Tonk Man has posted the following on his official website:

    HITMAN GONE FROM WWE - 22nd June 2010

    Honkytonkman.net can confirm that Hall of Famer Bret Hart and the WWE have amicably parted ways for the time being. The Hitman is collecting an insurance policy from Lloyds of London who are said to be unhappy with Bret's recent physical involvement in WWE storylines.

    Current storyline plans were changed last minute following the WWE Fatal
  3. ATTENTION: New username!

    Hai guyz. I am (and will remain to be) the same person/account Njb013. I have changed my username to something a little more interesting. It is a Final Fantasy character. So don't ask what it is. Hope to have an amazing banner up soon. If you have my AIM added, DELETE IT. Instead, add Feolthanos Xltnt. Thanks!

    Looking for someone to make me an amazing banner! Knowledge of Final Fantasy: Revenant Wings would be better for you. Comment/VM/PM if interested.

    Updated 22nd June 2010 at 05:03 PM by Feolthanos Exultant

  4. Shinies

    Does anyone have any shinies i can have? My friend code is in my sig let me know yours!
  5. Qhat is qrong with this thing?

    Today I was posting, and almost every single time I tried to use the W key I ended up pressing the Q key! >:(