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  1. 1st Post!

    I Hope that Ash's Gible will be a Garchomp by the Sinnoh League. I would love a Ash vs Paul final in the Sinnoh League.
    My team


    And Dawn to win the Grand Festival
  2. breaking news

  3. Box City Vigil

    Hey everyone. On Friday, I attended this event called Box City Vigil. Basically what I did was sleep in a cardboard box for the night (from 7:00pm-7:00am), on the lawn of my State Capitol. There were snacks and music, plus a lot of my friends attended too. It was pretty fun, except it was raining and pretty cold out. A lot of people's boxes became soaked, but I'm happy that I remembered to tarp mine and bring lots of blankets(I stayed dry and warm).

    At around 3:30am my umbrella blew ...
  4. Seattle and Pokemon tournament

    Pictures to come!

    My friend, Abby, and I got to Seattle around 10:15 pm on Friday. We ended up skipping the Sick Puppies, Breaking Benjamin, and Nickelback concert because we left so late. Oh well, I only wanted to see Breaking Benjamin anyway. My friends from high school, Helen and Bronwen, stopped by the hotel as I hurriedly bred and EV trained my pokemon for next day's tournament. Abby and I watched the Ninth Gate on television and then fell asleep.

    Woke up ridiculously
  5. I Should be More Careful in the Anime Forum

    I don't watch the anime as often as I used to, but I do watch Pokemon D/P (not Battle Dimension or Galactic Battles) on weekdays (D/P just came to where I live). Because of this, I tend to go under the impression that my posts in the Anime forum will end up being disagreed on.

    One more thing:
    [SPOILER]Got infracted for the first time because of a post I made in one of the Anime threads. I have since learned from it, and I'll try to put some more thought into my posts into the ...