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  1. Scan Freakout

    I'm losing my mind. First, I kept singing "Piplup". (I got looked at funny for that.) Then I saw the Generation V scans. I immediately started shouting "Mijumaru!" because that's the name of the super-cute water-type starter. Yes, I like water types. Well, my brothers heard me freaking out and ran into the room to see what I was shouting at. They started going on about how cool the fire-type one was.

    I like the character designs. It's nice to see that the trainers ...
  2. I wanged my knee last night, and it still kinda hurts

    I was just trying to go to sleep - my desk is right next to my bed - but I turned a little too quick and WHAM! After kicking it with my other leg in annoyance, I tried to get to sleep. Then I failed due to general unrelated reasons, though I will say it wasn't related to this at all.

    I eventually did to get sleep, and here I am now. However, my knee still kinda hurts. Nothing I can't man up and handle, but still! Shows you how hard a wang it was!
  3. Meet Phlow

    Phlow is my new male Typhlosion. he hatched as a wee lil' Cyndaquil from an egg my friend traded me, and is now replacing Ho-oh on my team.

    He and Nayru are best pals, I'd imagine.
  4. Fifth gen fifth gen fifth gen fifth gen.....! *spazzes out*

    I'm getting the fire-type starter. Y'know, the one that looks like a pig? I thought it was going to turn out to be the grass-type, but my decision still stands. I want it.

    The player characters both look utterly and completely awesome. I think when they come out I'll get both and play as the girl in White and the boy in Black (or vice versa).
    And I'm gonna call the boy Jaden. Because PlatinumDude said he kinda looks like Jaden, and I agree with him. And the girl...I dunno. For ...

    First off, I've had a really bad day. Just saying.

    Secondly, I HAS SEEN TEH LIGHT! Or just the new scans of the new region, Pokémon, player characters etc.

    I think I have a right to say 'OHEMGEE!'.

    The starters. Aw, the Water-Type is super saiyan cute! But I bet it will evolve it to something hideous. Mark my words. They other two are cool as well. Not sure I like the Fire-Type though. The grass snake is sssssly.

    The protagonists. ...