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  1. I can't believe it...

    ...I was getting a lot of luck from my Diamond cartridge, catching Pokémon I couldn't before...

    Then I learned that today, my grandmother died, 15 days ago. My mother was hiding it from me and my sister because of my school and my sister's exams.

    Out of my many relatives, she was the only one I liked to a degree.

    Well, the rules of life to you. We will all become dust one day.
  2. Social Groups Ahoy!

    Well figured out that if there were no groups I was particulary interested I should make one or two!

    Please join "Manly Men use Heart Gold" and the "MOTHER Fan Club"!
  3. Things are calm

    Between Mr. Motor and I

    Just got back from his place, we talked some things out. I'll go in depth more tomorrow I guess.

    Until then, night everyone.

    Daily Blog
  4. NOOOO!!!!!

    Well, It's finally finished. FullMetal Alchemist is over. But

    Hmmmm... I kinda wonder what Arakawa's next work will be...
  5. The Pikachu who thought he could fly...

    well, after taking over 10,000 steps and earning over 500 watts, I plopped down on my girlfriend's couch and started trying to find one of them flying pikachu suckers. Guess what? somewhere around 200 watts, three exclamation points came up.

    I attack. Critical hit.

    I evade, it attacks, it's now at 1 hp

    I throw a pokeball... Wiggle wiggle... Wiggle wiggle... Wiggle wiggle... CLICK! I caught him!

    I was still wondering whether it could ...
    My Bloggy!