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  1. I don't know what I'm doing.

    So I'm going to PA this weekend for a softball tournament. Anyone know where the hell Quaker Town is by any chance?

    Anyway, I can't play so I'm just gonna chill on the bench during the games. Pretty lame right? Well, to add insult to injury (literally), my teammates said they're bringing pom-poms for me to cheer with.


    I hate cheerleaders. Honestly. The ones at my school are stuck up bitches. My team has to share a locker row with them and the entire ...
  2. Heartgold

    on my heartgold i just got the eitgh badge and a masterball from elm. i am going to cath ho oh and then the pokemon league. IT IS AWESOME
  3. Could Smugleaf be based on...

    A green mamba?

    Western variant pictured

    There are similarities, you must admit.
  4. Season Zero Episode 19

    Lawnmowergirl’s “Yu-Gi-Oh! Subbed Anime Marathon Project of Doom!”

    Episode Review: “Season Zero” (Toei), Episode 18

    Series/Season: “Season Zero” (Toei)
    Episode Number: 18
    Thoughts: Okay, Bakura is in this episode. For some reason, I thought he was going to debut in episode 20. A happy miscalculation, to be sure, although I doubt he’ll be playing an important role in the plot just yet.
    Well, let’s start out with the events of ...
  5. One more final...

    And it's not until monday.

    There's a rave tonight a bunch of people are going to, I am pretty pumped to get out and stay out all night, and not think about school. All these finals have been killing me.

    Time to party. :D