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  1. Just some ramblings :<

    Threw up last night. D: My plan was to wake up at 6 today and get 6 hours of studying in before work, but I was too tired/still kinda sick when my alarm went off, and so I slept till almost 11. I was able to wake up in time to work in the garden and write this, so that's good. Also got horrible (girly) cramps pretty much right after getting sick, and they are still here but going away :/ I think I'll just pack some watermelon for lunch and have tea instead of coffee. I am hoping the stress isn't ...
  2. Sid the Sloth

    ^ This entry has nothing to do with Sid the sloth. I apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.

    I had a good birthday ^^

    And I have more to look forward to.

    'Coz I'm going paintballing :D

    Anywho, I feel like saying what I got~

    A watch that you can change the ribbons on. It's so cute ^^
    A notebook with DOGGIES! :D
    An iTunes card THANK ARCEUS! I've already downloaded Less Talk More Rokk, With ...
  3. Magnedeth just told me about...

    by , 9th June 2010 at 12:39 PM (Musings of a Collegiate Caffeine Addict)
    A possible Metroid movie directed by Uwe Boll and starring Jessica Simpson.

    NO!!!!!!! PLEASE NO!!!!!!!!!! :bawling:

    If this is confirmed and then you hear about Uwe Boll being pushed off of a skyscraper... well let's just say ya'll will know who did it.
  4. I really gotta stop doing that.

    Whenever I end up in a bad situation- usually when I have a bad teacher -I don't realize just how awful my situation was until after I'm out of it. I think it's a defense mechanism of some sort.

    It happened with my sixth and eighth-grade math teacher, and it just happened again with my Honors English I teacher, Mrs. Smith.

    I had a bunch of senior friends who had her for Honors English IV, and they absolutely loved her. They'd talk about her as though she was God. ...
  5. The Stats of Neonsands

    Quote Originally Posted by Neonsands View Post
    Name: Neonsands
    Instant Messenger: AIM, Walkertexrang
    Money: $2000
    Credits: $5000
    Win/loss/draw: 27/37/0
    FFA: 13
    Your current position: Steel Dojo Sensei
    List of current Pokémon and how many battles it has participated in:

    Pokémon: Honchkrow
    -Type: Dark/Flying
    -Gender: Male
    -Nature: Hasty
    -Ability: Insomnia/Super Luck