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  1. Today was...

    an utter bore.

    Time to knock Michael Phelps off the top of the blogs. Yuck.

    I didn't have to work, so I slept in until about 1p. Washed some dishes, did some laundry. Got on the computer, where I'm still at.

    Didn't get to see Mr. Motorcycle today, so that's kind of a bummer. I talked to him for a bit though, and I'm sure we'll skype later.

    I am downloading the Sims 3. I am usually a hardcore Sims player, but my computer couldn't ...
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  2. Name my OC!!!

    Not a Pokemon OC, because I can't decide on less than 30 favorite Pokemon and 12 different occupations/goals/whatever.

    No. I think you know where this is going.

    An OC for silly doodling and things. But Mokuba's babysitter and Ryou's stalker. Or something.

    And I want a Japanese name. But I hate my name. Well, I don't hate it, but it's way the hell too long. It would be エリザベス And for crap's sake, that's too long.

    Plus probably nobody's ...
  3. Round Three...

    Hurp... by 'Round Three', I'm talking about the huge Pokémon group's (PKMN-Battle-Frontier) contest that was started back in February. I've been lucky enough to be passing the first and second rounds because I'm not like some derpaderps and actually read the rules for submissions into the contest. (I was actually quite convinced that I wouldn't be passing through to the second round).

    Annnnyyyyways... as far as the third round of this thing goes, I've been ever so fortunate enough ...
  4. Helicopter Spoof

    Ya know, the helicpiter game in the arcade now makes me mad. I went to the original game of it on seethru.co.uk, and it was much SLOWER. I mean, we are getting cheated. It should be the same speed.

    Anyway, today I saw something funny. And I thought it was pretty funny too. My friend said OMG - it's a cloud. And I actually looked. It was worth it because the cloud was the only cloud for about 1000ft. And this is what I said: Cloud Friend Fail. It was pretty funny at the time. Also, ...
  5. This Is Strange

    Well, after talking to a few people, i realized something important. At least to me.

    In recent times, I haven't really been posting much of any use in a while. Sure, I have been talking to a few members, (one it seems nowadays, but whatever) but when it comes to posting, I haven't done squat. I may post once or twice, but most of those were either trying to help a member build competitive teams, welcoming new members who make only a few posts before disappearing, or in one of those ...