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  1. Pokemon Theme Song- A cappella version

  2. Random Stuff

    Sooo.. I finally decided to try one of these blog things.

    I even went though all the trouble of filling it with random facts you all probably could care less about! 8D

    Let’s see.

    -I’m 18 and I just finished secondary school. I’m going to University sometime in August :B
    - I love cooking. It goes well with another passion of mine- eating. Yay.
    - I’m a big fan of Nintendo consoles and I probably always will be. I also promptly roll my eyes when ...
  3. Rex's question time

    Stolen from evkl, inb4 everyone's doing it.

    Got a question to ask? Ask away.
  4. Could've woken up better.

    Though I had a rich and full sleep, I've woken up either badly needing to get something in me, or badly needing to get something out of me. I can't tell, and it is really a pain in the ass. Speaking of which, it's literal now as I type this. I'd say it's needing to shit right now, but my stomach is growling too. See what I mean?
  5. I'll list a small marge of all the "must've seen" movies I haven't seen

    I'll start with the disney/animated movies, and move on to the others after that. Prepare to go "0.o":

    Disney (tryng to list only the a bit known ones):

    Sleeping Beauty
    Alice in Wonderland
    The Great Mouse detective
    The emperor's new groove
    The Princess And The Frog
    Toy Story 1-3
    The Incredibles
    Kungfu Panda (not pixar, but still) ...

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