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  1. Surviving so far.

    School has been harder than I expected this year, but I've been trying to throw myself into it and my grades for Literature especially have been really good, so I'm cautiously optimistic for my university applications. We've been in the middle of the regular assessments but I seem to've done alright with academics and student ambassador work so far because I was invited to be on the Student Council! The first meeting was today and we got started on who wanted to run for which positions, so I put ...
  2. Best horde EVER

    So I was playing X version today and grinding, when I encountered a horde of four Zangoose and one Habunake/Seviper. I was like, "What? How does this even make sense? They're supposed to hate each other!"

    ...Cue the four Zangoose beating the crap out of the Habunake/Seviper and me laughing my ass off. Aw man.

    Updated 7th November 2013 at 11:58 AM by Karamazov

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  3. UC's Y Adventure part 4: Hatee-hatee-hatee-ho!

    Ramos was defeated decently. (a little harder than I expected though) So was Clemont. I actually didn't need to grind too much to beat him.

    I have to say, I LOVED Clemont's Gym. Is it too much to say that it rivals Elesa's BW2 Gym in terms of awesome spectacle? I liked the camera angles with the answers, and I wish the quiz portion lasted a little longer. So that's what Bonnie's job is ingame! (I had a dog named Bonnie that died of old age last summer.)

    Now that my ...
  4. I hate my mind!

    I hate how you can't change your mind. Just go to the doctor's office, get your brain scanned and then change what you don't like. If that was possible though I guess nobody would really know how to be happy. We know happiness because it's the time when we don't feel bad. If everything was always good, then being happy wouldn't be special.

    I have a lot of mental problems, and things get really hard. I look forward to night just because it means I can go to sleep for eight hours and ...
  5. The Hex Girl on the Fourth Floor in Hotel Richissime Vanishing?

    Well, I can't seem to make any threads or posts of the kind so I decided that I'm going to make a blog. It's not big, matter a fact, I honestly believe that this could have just been a trick of my eye but The Aboslis says I should still put this up here––just in case someone else could be experiencing the same thing as me.

    Perhaps you haven't seen the Hex Girl on the Fourth Floor, the room to the right of the elevator and between the dresser and chair on the left side of the room, ...