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  1. The Greatest Game EVER!

    Is called Busy Scizzors! It's a Wii and DS game where you can try out HAIRDRESSING! I am so anticipated about this release! Proof: [url]http://www.officialnintendomagazine.co.uk/article.php?id=16921[/url]


    For the stupid ones, I'm being sarcastic. This game looks rubbish, and I wouldn't dare buy it.
  2. A short script.

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm making a short film for my English final. Here's the script so you guys can tear it apart. :) It is just a voice-over with video as an enhancement. (The Scene Changes with each new paragraph.)

    It’s an average life. Wake up, get ready, get on the bus, go to school, do nothing all day, back to the bus, go back home, sleep, and do it all over again. Day after day, it can get monotonous at times. The great thing about it though ...
  3. KPU Rage Rant Part 2: Lightning Striking in the Same Place

    Referencing previous blog: "To all users still in the KPU RPG..." http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/blogs/13773/all-users-still-kpu-rpg-6567/

    Time in KPU has not moved for three weeks. The number of posts since then are barely enough to scrape one additional page. And I'm waiting for the next day to develop my character even more. But I can't. And neither can anyone else. And you know who I blame?

    Quote Originally Posted by Previous blog
    Reason #3: Inactivity
    Many people, and I do mean MANY people are inactive. Those who
  4. Art request

    I hope it's okay to ask in here. I thought I might. I was wondering if anyone could get me an animation of the sprites (Pokemon and the girls) doing what they do in the games (The animation). And tell me how do I save and upload and make sure it's still animated,.

    Edit: Sorry I want the sprites in my banner on my sig to be animated, forgot to add that

    Updated 4th May 2010 at 06:38 AM by Agent Gryphon

  5. I hope these recent new events in WWE lead to the Attitude Era mk-ii

    Orton seems poised to be the next Austin, and with Edge, who knows what they might do. Of course, it'd be much lighter thanks to Cena and old hag McMahon lobbying for PG WWE, but hey.

    Also, it's funny how TNA billed backing out of the Monday Night "Wars" mk-ii as a huge step forward.