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  1. I'm going to abandon my Nintendo shrine for a while...

    There's no doubt that Nintendo's E3 spotlight was the best this year (so far at least; we still have to see what Sony has to bring to the table). Skyward Sword looks like a hell of a lot of fun, and I'm not even a fan of the Wii's motion controls. I'm more of a D-Pad, analog stick kind of gamer, but I was impressed by the newest Zelda game.

    But come on!!! Pikmin 3 was introduced two years ago at E3 2008! It wasn't at E3 2009, and when I was still holding my breath for it this year, ...

    Updated 28th June 2011 at 02:17 PM by Chocolate Bones

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  2. Not so bored at the moment.

    I'm in an RP! Woo-HOOO! :7up:

    Listening to Super Paper Mario's Brobot L'type song at the moment. It's a cool song, although it seems like more of a dance theme than a boss theme. It still rocks!
  3. Nintendo E3 Announcements: ZELDA WII

    by , 15th June 2010 at 11:19 AM (Life of an Uneventful Otaku Nerd.)
    It starts in like three minutes, so I will be updating my blog for all of their updates! And it will be one blog too! I hope they DON'T give us Black and White news. And I have a bet with a friend on the new Zelda game. if it comes out this year, I will owe him a LOT of money. Anywho, Here it goes:

    - First up is a man who loves experiences.
    - Legend of Zelda starts up first. Epic trailer.
    - Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword!!!!!
    - Freedom to use items and sword freely? ...
  4. Oh dear.

    Nintendo E3 Keynote in 5 minutes.
    Twitter has already died to the fail whale.
    Our own load is steadily rising.
    Here's hoping we survive.
    Thank goodness the tech is currently online.
    Pity almost none of the wiki staff are.
  5. E3 2010-Nintendo

    If you're a Nintendo fan, you may want to watch the E3 [URL="http://www.nintendo.co.uk/NOE/en_GB/news/e3_2010_12779.html"]here[/URL]. (this is only the british version, so if you don't live in Britain, the video won't work) The 3DS, the new Zelda game and more will be revealed. There is also likely to be some more Black and White info. And I will comment on what I think of the E3 when it starts at 5pm GMT.