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  1. Of all the annoying mental feelings....

    ...I'd got to say grogginess is the worst.

    It can easily cause you to fall back asleep, and even if you do get up, you need to get rid of it somehow if you want to function at full capacity. Which isn't always easy.
  2. Alright, This is Getting Ridiculous

    As a result of the THIRD incoming supercell that has been hitting the plains the last day or two, the National Weather Service has issued a Tornado Watch for my county (among others) until 9:00 P.M. EST tonight. Those in Indiana, southern Michigan, and Illinois should also check up on things if you haven't already.

    These are getting ridiculous.

  3. Season Zero Episode 18

    Lawnmowergirl’s “Yu-Gi-Oh! Subbed Anime Marathon Project of Doom!”

    Episode Review: “Season Zero” (Toei), Episode 18

    Series/Season: “Season Zero” (Toei)
    Episode Number: 18
    Thoughts: Ahh, the cursed Dragon Cards. I remember this part in the manga. I must admit I hadn’t imagined Imori as having orange hair, but whatever….I thought of him as pale and blond. Like my brother’s freakishly short friend. Well, anyway…Jounouchi is fed up with ...
  4. I Want Summer

    But who doesn't?

    Only three days of school left, and in those three days I'll have managed to fail three classes. Fun stuff.

    I want summer so I can forget about it until next year.

    Yay to almost being a senior...maybe.

  5. Gen V Pokemon I hope to see, part two.

    #5: Condor

    Final form of a bird (possibly the early-on bird). Condors are majestic and beautiful, and GameFreak really needs to get on the ball and make a Pokemon of it.

    #6: Colugo

    Colugos, also known as 'flying lemurs,' are fascinating animals, and their ...