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  1. NO SCHOOL!!!!!1!!!!one!

    by , 22nd March 2010 at 08:00 AM
    School got canceled today because of some strikes. These people are defending their rights, but in an illegal way, blocking the streets. This caused school to be canceled today.
  2. Whole version of The Greatest Everyday is on youtube

    by , 22nd March 2010 at 06:58 AM (Typing this from the past)
    I hate the OP for the little bit it had for the Anime, but the full version, kinda gets onto you after it gets far enough. I mean it just clicked after it got far enough. Anyone else heard it?
  3. So my box's network fucked up bad yesterday, and I actually got to see TNA's PPV free

    by , 22nd March 2010 at 04:12 AM (The Live Wire)
    TNA had their Destination X PPV yesterday, but due to somebody fucking up at my box' company, basically all of it was classified under the "free preview", meaning I got to see it all - for free!

    As I'm bored, here's my analysis and descripts of the matches.

    1. Ladder Match (#1 Contendership for X-Division Title): Brian Kendrick VS. Kazarian VS. Daniels VS. Amazing Red
    Crazy match, typical of the X-Division. Lots of great, fast-paced action, and some ...
  4. Computer Advice Corner: Windows Vista Requirements and Troubleshooting

    by , 22nd March 2010 at 01:23 AM (My time here and the Computer Advice Corner)
    Computer Advice Corner
    Windows Vista Requirements and Troubleshooting
    It's not the OS you use, but what you run it on

    Ok... I have heard way too many complaints about Vista that are about problems that are easily avoidable and/or are caused by hardware or aftermarket software issues. Because of it, I am going to post my recommended minimum requirements, as well as fixes for common problems and even a way to tell if your Hard Disk Drive is failing or has already failed ...
  5. I just threw my faggot Bayleef into the box in HeartGold

    by , 22nd March 2010 at 12:58 AM (The Live Wire)
    You dare not hand over the item you had? You think it's too important to part ways with? Well, I regret to inform you that the same does not apply to you, bitch. Also, Ariados was also tossed in, partially because it did the same before, but also because it's lagging in attacks. I mean, fuck, Dratini gladly handed its thing over! Even fucking HM Sla-...nah, HM Broski Pinsir gave up his item!

    I dunno, maybe it's this stomach ache I've had since 4PM talking, but fuck it. I don't give ...

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