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  1. Ruby:Hard Mode, Nuzlocke Challange, Day 8

    Current team
    Hoff (see, i told you i'd name it hoff) the Azumarill (F) Lvl 28
    Kupo the Aron (M) Lvl 27
    Flyint the Mightyena (F) Lvl 27
    Shmowzow the Magnetrike (F) Lvl 27
    Navy the Trapinch (F) Lvl 20
    Rasta the Lilleep (F) Lvl 20

    Lt rode his bike up a slope in Route 110, a lone black belt stood training.

    he caught site of LT.
    "Hey, i have been on this mountan for a year training, fight me."
    "Ok, lets ...
  2. New Roleplay *Dead-Shot's wrath*

    by , 15th July 2010 at 06:58 PM (If you can notice this, you do not need glasses...)
    I started a RP called "Dead-Shot's Wrath".

    It's about this group of people who have gathered enough evidence against Dead-Shot and plan to take it to the police. Dead-Shot will stop at nothing to stop the group so the murder he performed goes unsolved.

    I'm sure people will soon sign up.
  3. I Finally Have my Laptop Back

    A couple days ago, I sent my laptop and laptop charger away to be fixed. Turns out the charger was the one that needed fixing (one of its wires was broken). I don't have to use the den's computer anymore.

    @pichuvolttackle: your sprite request will be done whenever as I can.
  4. My Sin and Punishment: Star Successor Leaderboard Scores I find Best

    Ok, so yeah. After playing through all 7 lvs without dying on Isa and Kachi mode on easy. I uploaded my scores to the leaderboard, and I placed 19th on local scores, 19 on regional scores, and 36th on international scores.

    You may be wondering why I did it on easy, well...I plan to play my way up to hard mode eventually, starting on easy, then normal, then of course, hard.

    I feel like I accomplished a lot from the game, YAY!

    My username for the leaderboard ...
  5. My Shinies...

    I have 2 shiny pokemon encounters under my belt, one of which ended in complete devestating failures. To start with the good news, while on a Florida retreat with my Uncle Zane (Who I am older than) and the rest of my family, I was playing SoulSilver and was in the Bug-Catchiing Contest, searching for Nincadas, when Lo-Behold, before my very eyes appeared a Shiny Wurmple! A purple little bugger he was, writhing in his shiny glory. I threw a pokeball right away to catch him. A sucsess! It only won ...