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  1. So I thought I'd show you the rest of my comics

  2. If you want an example of how fucked up the drug situation is here...

    ...which I believe I've gone over a couple times...well, WWE Fatal 4 Way is still on, so I can't go into great detail now, but something fucked up happened. A 13-year-old girl just ODed. The same girl who was involved in that domestic disturbance, I might add. It's true, she and her sister were taken away by social workers, but she came back (maybe when it was discovered it was a flat-out lie?). How the mighty have fallen. :_(

    No, their mother isn't a druggie, at least I don't think ...

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  3. Incognito

    So I'm sitting here alone, in the dark....naked.

    Home-made tacos. All sorts of fun.

    Until you eat three.

    But you were fine at two.

    Well, shit.

    Trying to get back into FF12 again, becaue I beat the game at level 50-ish and I don't think that's cool. I mean, I'm at fucking level 50 (which is actually now lvs 52-56), and I want to put the game away somewhere around level 70...as soon as I can KIIIILL the pylesaur-or-how-ever-it's-spelled. ...
  4. WWE Fatal Four Way report

    Funny how they don't have all fatal four ways on this PPV, but not that I'm too surprised at that.

    Now to sta-Mr. McMahon? What the hell? General Manager Bret Hart will not be here tonight, because of the attack by the NXT Rookies last Monday. Choke a guy with a tie, get fired. Attempt vehicular homicide on a stroke victim, keep your job. Fans started chanting for Danielson.

    - Intercontinental Championship: Drew McIntyre VS. Kofi Kingston (c)
    Drew is out first ...

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  5. Very appropriate that my Father's Day blog post would be written under the influence.

    Bacardi x Coke is my OTP. <3333

    ...So ok it's actually Pepsi because we didn't have any Coke. WHATEVER. Perfect end(?) for a weird father's day, where I paid for fucking everything. Gift from me and in turn from my lazy brother because I don't want them to fight, bought breakfast for all 3 of us, lying to my dad that Josh was pitching in because my dad was all "JULIE I DON'T EXPECT YOU TO BUY ME FOOD" and then I was all "PFFT LIKE HELL I AM LETTING YOU PAY ON FATHER'S ...