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  1. Diomond:HARD MODE: Nuzlocke Challenge, Day 7/8 fast forward

    Hello, i am Lt.Fonz. i was away for the weekend, and alot of shit happend, i don't want to RP it all, so heres the Gist

    "Heres your forest badge!"
    "Galactic has lost! Run!
    "Nickname new meditite? Nickenamed it Condor!"
    "Woot! Cranidos, nicknamed it Eos!"
    "Wild kadabra! Kadabra used teleport!"
    "MOONSTONE! COME ON! SHOW ME THE CLEFABLE!" won 100000 coins at veilstone game corner

  2. SAPPHIRE Update

    My party:

    Stevie (Male Grovyle, lv. 22, Relaxed nature/Bullet Seed; Pursuit; Absorb; Quick Attack)

    Old Lace (Female Aron, lv. 16, Naive nature/Metal Claw; Rock tomb; Mud-Slap; Headbutt)

    Spool (Male Zigzagoon, lv.5, Sassy nature/Tackle; Growl; Cut; Tail Whip)

    Folklore (Male poochyena, lv. 5, Docile nature/Tackle; Howl)

    Concorde (Male Pelipper, lv. 26, Modest nature/Steel wing; Water Gun; Supersonic; Wing Attack)
  3. Nuzlocke Challenge, part two

    I've played until Petalburg. My team consists of Leonard (lv 9 Treecko), Wurmpie (lv 5 Wurmple from Route 101), Max (lv 5 Poochyena from Route 103), and Baba-Yaga (lv 4 Ralts from Route 102). So far, It's not very difficult, but then again I've only just started. I'm hoping to catch a Shroomish, Seedot or Lotad on Route 104 to help beat Roxanne.
  4. Nuzlocke Challenge

    Welcome to my second try at beating the Nuzlocke Challenge. This thread here posted the challenge, and in the same thread, I posted my pityful failure at it. The rules I'll be using will be a bit adjusted from those in the main thread:
    1 - If a pokémon faints IT IS DEAD. It must be taken to a PC and put in box 14 and never used again, no exceptions.
    2 - In line with the above rule, if all of your pokémon faint die its game over.
    3 - Nickname your pokémon, making it all the ...
  5. Holy fuck at that crash at the end of the Indy 500

    He just flies like 100 feet through the air, colliding with the barricade, and his car is totalled and upside down when it's all over. This was on the last lap, too. Reports are saying he walked away with...a sore ankle.

    Also, Danika Patrick came in fifth. Yes, that Danika Patrick.