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  1. Damn it, I'm still annoyed Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) was released from WWE

    Where the hell is the verified information. Someone else put this the best: it's either the product of sheer brilliance, or complete stupidity. It could be either the greatest worked shoot in the history of wrestling, or the greatest injustice in it.

    The thing that bugs me and makes me raise an eyebrow is how silent Danielson is being over it. He changed his twitter account to his real name, made a ambigous tweet, and that's about it.
  2. finally

    I just brought a game from Japan I am importing to play on the PS3

    thank Acruse they decide to remove the Region lock on most Console (Wii the only one I still think use it)

    Just I a tales fan and from were I am you have to be lucky to get any of the series game here (even luckier for them to be release outside Japan in the first place)

    so I looking forward to playing Tales of Vesperia when i get it

    anyway if they make a upgard to the wii ...

    Updated 13th June 2010 at 05:37 AM by darklord18

  3. Disturbing Avatars

    ...................................................just lay off the crack for now, please?
  4. Bulbagarden- A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy!

    If ya don't know it already, peepz, 'tis a blog rant on Bulbagarden. About Bulbagarden! Honestly, BMGf's a stinkin' hive of wretched evil and evil evilness. It's a conspiracy I'm tellin'ya. That guy, Archaic, he haz mind control powerz, folks! He'z brainwashed half the modz here! And don't get me started on those wretched evil souls who reek of evilness that follow him willingly. Cause they are, y'know, folks, heheheh, EBILZ!

    Honestly, how can the Internetz police let a guy named Archaic ...

    Updated 13th June 2010 at 03:02 AM by Aladar

    Offt0pic- It iz seriuz businez! xD
  5. wtf @ Earthworm Jim HD

    They took out the Who Turned Out The Lights? bonus stage. No apparent reason, either. And the three extra stages? Those are just futuristic-looking New Junk City levels, that just have silly gimmicks added, and bosses at the end. They're not part of the main game.

    Big Bruty from the Sega CD/PC remake isn't in it either, nor are the homing missiles from it, though strangely, the Nude Jim area in New Junk City is. Intestinal Distress made the cut too. The music also sucks compared to ...