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  1. Pokemon Mythology, Part 1

    My attempt at organizing the Legends of mythology in Pokemon. A work in progress, and I appreciate input.

    In a time long past, a world fell to chaos, disorder, and destruction. The universe around it collapsed as the world was torn apart, but the remaining energies of the old world were drawn to a pure hearted being. They wrapped around him, shielding him from the collapse. When the being emerged, he was changed, he was powerful, he was Arceus. He emerged as a God. He grasped the ...
  2. I'm scared, yet excited

    So tomorrow's my driving test. I am sooo nervous that I'll forget something, but I'm also excited because I can't wait to be able to drive. I'll look so cool going to school XD
  3. Pictures of me!, Pt III

    Ow! Ow! That hurt. I assure you. Still hot though here.

    Yeah-yeah-yeah I'm so hard.

    Saturn Yoshi is my rude boy <3

    Bad single choice^ Fuck you ...
  4. Psyduck Shuffle

  5. YeOldeJacob's Favorite Hip-Hop/Rap Albums, Part Two ("Both Sides of the Brain")

    So. On to the second hip-hop album in this little series I'm putting together. I'd like to note that I'm not listing these albums in any particular order. Just based on which I feel like writing about the most on any given day.

    Both Sides of the Brain (2000) by Del The Funky Homosapien

    As a nerd, Del is my obligatory favorite ...