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  1. My mom screwed up my facebook

    She got on my computer.

    Took a look at my facebook.

    Removed every guy from there.

    Told me to only add girls.

    Lectured me about how people said 'dick' on there. And how I should only add 'good' people.

    Continued to lecture me.

    And now I have to re-add everyone who swore on facebook, and is male.

    Thanks, mom. You really are making my life easier...
  2. Contest Blueprints

    (Yes, this is a URPG blog post >_>, BUT I still need your opinions on my idea.
    Trying to get some drafts of this done before I pitch it in.)

    For those who don't know, URPG stands for Ultra Roleplaying Game. A pokemon RPG literally. Well, I'm one of the few active judges of URPG's dying contest branch, and I've been thinking of ways to popularize the fun competitions up. This is one of the ideas I'm thinking about to pitch in soon.

    URPG Grand Festival 2010 ...

    Updated 12th July 2010 at 02:49 AM by Feng

  3. The pretend levels in Toy Story 3 are the best

  4. I Have No Sense of Ethics Anymore

    Warning: I'm a total monster. I know it.

    To all my imperial subjects,
    Some of you may know that I'm an artist (if you don't, look at my previous blogs)
    However, before I can truly do anything with my so-called skills, I desperately need a tablet (my eyes are set on a Wacom Bamboo Fun).

    Anyway, due to some... financial troubles, I can't afford it.
    However, my grandparents can. But there's a catch.

    My grandfather is a total prude. ...

    Updated 3rd July 2010 at 03:57 AM by Mitsuru

    A Report of Solemn Intent
  5. It hurts

    For the past three days I've been having one continuous headache. Does anyone know why/a cure?