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  1. Rose's Turn

    , 20th May 2010 at 07:26 PM (Ace Trainer M.A.A.D. City)
    Been listening to that song recently. It's fantastic. I like the Chris Colfer cover also. I love how the writers on Glee keep giving him mainly female solos. and he nails them.

    speaking of Covers, listened to the Franz Ferdinand cover of Womanizer. Thought it was pretty good! better than the original version, to be sure.

    They also did a cover of White Wedding, but i like the original better.

    concerning this site, i'm pleased with the new mods, for the ...
  2. Sure, you've eaten some birds...but have you eaten WITH birds?

    by , 20th May 2010 at 06:39 PM (The Live Wire)
    I woke up at 3:30PM today, due to circumstances beyond my control keeping me up. I won't go into the details, but in summary, I wasn't playing it, but fuck you, Lost Planet 2. So I wake up, do my usual stuff when I wake up, and decide to make myself some grub. Typical macoroni, I went with. I smelled the water boiling, and went down to put it in. And then, who should show up but my fowl friends, the ducks?!

    The macoroni was already in, so I decide "what the hell".
  3. I'm sorry for dispearing like this Bulbagarden!

    by , 20th May 2010 at 05:42 PM (♥Leeney's Blog Full of Smiles!♥)
    I have nearly abandoned Bulbagarden. I spend all the time I have on the computer listening to Touhou music, hanging around on Facebook, going on AIM and doing household chores. Ever since my charger for my laptop broke and I'm stuck with my computer which I'm limited to until 7 and I don't get home til around 5 which is only 2 hours. And I really can't go on Bulba. I feel so bad for just not showing up. The good news is that my sis doesn't even care that I'm using her charger(at least for now) ...
  4. Culture Shock?

    by , 20th May 2010 at 05:31 PM
    Very few people will read this, but whatever, I need a place to put my thoughts and feelings. So it's a good thing not many people will read.
    I used to watch the Starmen.net forums all the time. Things were always interesting there, and they had a policy of keeping their site "Free of lame."
    It's cool, the staff there were always able to tell a joke when they see one. And people were always arguing over whether pokemon and Earthbound were based off each other... Anyway, I ...
  5. Am Amused

    by , 20th May 2010 at 05:27 PM (We Need Guidance, We've Been Misled.)
    ... And a lot of the moderators and Admins would probably know why if they care to remember way back when in August of '09. Actually... if anyone remembers from August of last year when I posted a blog entry of my being pissed off at someone for being a general whiny butt on this vacation to Port Aransas.

    Yeah, yeah... I know I deleted that entry at around that time as well. Due to a friend telling me that I should.

    The only reason I'm so damn amused is because this ...