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  1. PokeDrama is still Drama...

    Today I took apart my bedroom- nothing. My husband even took his desk apart to make sure he didn't have it.

    It's just gone. Besides losing my Pokemon on the pack, I'm also going to be losing the Pokemon I placed in PokeMon Ranch.

    I did pick up a copy of Platinum. A new copy, as I've read way too much Pokemon creepypata to not feel weird with a used copy.

    So for now I'm putting SS down and giving up on finding Diamond. Bummer.

  2. Heart of Gold Nuzlocke - Part 2

    - Grinded everyone to lvl 15.

    - Decided to kill time on Rt. 32

    - GOT MAREEP. Named Soon-kun (Hasty)

    - Aaand, now I have no pokeballs, and not much to sell to get them. Oh well...I'll sell some of these potions. The others can cover for Soon-kun if he gets hurt.

    - On to Sprout Tower!

    - A wonderful move, you say? Awesome!

    - Fought Sage Nico. Soon-kun got critted a couple times, but lived. Static is DAMN useful. ...
  3. Pokemon FireRed Nuzlocke Challenge

    Joining in on the trend, I too will be doing a Nuzlocke of Pokemon FireRed!

    Pokemon will be named after BMGF users.

    Standard Nuzlocke Rules.

    Viridian Forest!!

    Epic. No other words ...
  4. Random Wrestling GIF of the Day #36: ASSUMETHECONTROLS.gif

    I don't know when or where this happened, or if Christian really is saying "ASSUME THE CONTROLS", but hey, he's Christian. Why not have a GIF of him?
  5. On the making of Tarnished Gold: Ramblings on the Main Character

    I've decided to do some quick blogs on how I made Tarnished Gold.

    First off, is how I made the main character, Cynthia. At first, I wanted to model her off of Gastly's Mama's characterization of Oak, nasty childhood, creepy complex, disturbing fetish and all. Then, it got deeper. I went from making a weirdo, to making a monster. I find this character so monstrous, that I cannot get myself to look at certain parts of my own story involving her, even though I am twisted in the head. ...

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