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  1. Random Wrestling GIF of the Day #25: michaelcole.gif

    I always thought Michael Cole could work as a villain, but I never thought they could make him just look pure evil. WWE proved me wrong, though!
  2. Popped a Wi-fi cherry. Cool.

    ....And then Bugsy called right before I was about to reenter the Club. Which means I had to type up what he said pretty quickly, since I'm trying to fill the quotes' section of the GL pages. Which means having the damn patience to /wait/...and he calls right at the worst time. Oh well. Got it down. Got a few Chikorita. ^^ Thanks, guys.

    Roomie is going into the army in a few days. We've been waiting all year for this. Meaning he had a party tonight. A party he apparently ...
  3. What is wrong with you, CN?

    So tonight I stayed up long past my curfew, tediously watching the clock, and when I flipped on my TV, what did I find? THEY WERE SHOWING THE FIRST FREAKIN' EPISODE OF FMA:B! I WANTED THE LATEST ONE! Not only that, but I was sad when I saw Hughes. T_T

    In other news, I found that if I say to my sibs "You're a papaya", they act like it's an insult. xD
  4. What I want for my birthday

    My two front teeth

    VG Cats to update

    Scribblenauts 2

    The second awards to begin

    A Dalek

    A girlfriend

    To be surrounded by my family and loved ones <3

    My birthday is September 7th! I'll be 15 in less than a month!
  5. New Sig/Avatar Theme!

    I will be changing my theme to a new character very soon. It's a surprise, and I bet nobody can guess who it is. I'll give you a hint: It's a FMA character. First person to guess before I change the theme gets a cookie!