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    It may have been like 5-6 months, but this recurring segment has returned! While I was on my way to the party, I decided to scan around for stuff. Thanks to changing my screenshot taking plugin on my PSP around a bit, I can now just take pictures of what I saw, instead of putting them into the 10-limited databank.

    - pickle_power (sounds like a superhero)
    - cherry pie
    - 13love322158 (wow...)
    - HotLynk
    - secret (not very secret to me)
    - powpow
  2. Confusion Delusion!

    ...that sounds like a dub title.

    Anyways, I'm trying to get a MediaWiki installation up and running, and have run into some problems. My host has php.ini on safe mode. I can't use ImageMagick for thumbnailing SVGs. I've tried rsvg, but I'm having problems.

  3. Today...

    ... I had lasers shot at my face!

    Now my face is all red and weird but my acne is supposed to calm down. Not that it was that bad to begin with but my mom goes nuts over zits. DX

    Also I slept for half the day so that's why I'm not making much sense. Wheee.
  4. The cops just showed up at the party

    For noise. It isn't that loud, though, maybe children notwithstanding, so the guy pretty much chatted it up with a friend, and is currently playing with the kids a bit. They're all like climbing in it and stuff...I got to ask the officer what the problem was.

    The four dogs that are here are pretty calm. The best they've done is one going for a cheezie I threw, and one trying to kill a wasp.

    This is a word that I have seen being used on the forums many times. Regardless. Regardless. Regardless. One of the main ways I see it being used is after an off-topic post. Against, although, anyway, aside from, at any cost, but, come what may, despite, distinct from, for all that, in any case, in spite of everything, leaving aside, nevertheless, no matter what, nonetheless; these are all synonyms of the word regardless. In other times, it's used in a post by itself. I don't know why I chose to ...