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  1. Still writing

    I should finish to wrote my Arthurian series but I'm still writing pokemon fanfiction.
    This is depressing.
    I began a stupid pokemon story on the notes of 'trying Pennac way of writing' about of Mewtwo being a detective, and suddenly it was Doctor Who crossovers with Galahad and the Saint Grail.
    I NEED to write arthuriana stuff.

    I have to post the epilogue to my first story in the series.
    The second story will be Mordred's POV with he leaving the Orkneys ...
  2. Back in the days

    At least a decade ago my parents got divorced, I was a 8 years young lad suddenly meeting with all this changes in my life.
    After a while my father wanted also to take care of use, we first when on the odd weekends until then a trial went on about it should be divided.

    Around that time there was also something big on the news fathers killing their families because of a divorce.

    I saw that then on the news somehow, so every weekend i was scared and while i ...
  3. y halo thar

    Didn't realize there was a blog component to this, too! Awesome.

    Yeah, hi. I Eldership and Diamondship and Haleship and Expertship and probably a bunch of other ones, all unimportant in the grand shipping scheme, all with little to no success. Rock on.

    I started writing a fic for the first time in years last weekend. It's fail, but it's fun.

    Continuation of my last blog!
    I had a sleepless, restless night last night. I could barely fall asleep and my head kept itching. It felt so good to remove all the plastic wrap from my head this morning. Everything was going well until I stepped into the shower. As the water hit me, I looked down and saw that I was standing in a puddle of blue. The color was washing out. When I dried my hair, you couldn't even tell I had done anything to it. You can somewhat tell in person, but if I were
  5. The Shopping Channel is having a Nintendo (Wii) sale

    Well, it entertained me more than professional gaming reviews! Even though it was pretty much a "praise be the active family fun" affair. They brought in the "Wii gaming expert" Ember Johnstone, and an unnamed demonstrator who played the bowling sports game for a second before the Expert took it from her to play herself. Hey, still leagues better than the broads on G4 and the like!

    I do like their name for the avatars, though. They're the little Wii people! :D ...