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  1. Let's Do This Again.

    Okay, the last two blogs were awkward, so let's try this again from the beginning, but first another introduction. I'm just going to use the name D1am0nd_Lucas here(took time to get that one), a normal student and a fan of Pokemon. I first saw Pokemon when I was about 5 I guess. My sister and I used to watch the anime years ago. Then I simply ignored it until the 3rd grade where I began to like the games for its collecting element. And here I am. I also like other series' like Harvest Moon, Final ...
  2. Looks like I have a lot of work to do!

    Finished a lot of cloning duties and I have to tranfer them to Jodi! Besides that, I also rewritten some parts of the Shop Thread, adding additional notes about trading and updated the list of offered stuff. As in, more Shiny Pokemon along with more Berries.

    Also, my PC Boxes in HeartGold are getting almost full. Looks like I'll be handling the cloning requests through SoulSilver whenever possible. (Don't ask me to clone in Platinum - I don't know how!)
  3. Tonight was eventful

    - My TV kept freezing for a while
    - My friend was talking to his buddy on LIVE, and was asked to go plug in something I think. It only took like a minute, but it was enough to burn his egg, forcing him to get pissed and remake it, and me to fan away from the smoke detector.
    - Taking a vicious dump.
    - Realizing I really suck at keeping all parts of a guide updated.

    So yeah. Wild stuff.
  4. Champions league results + Blackburn sign Bulgarian!

    During the last two nights the champions league and Europa league first-legs were played with Tottenham losing 3-2, here are the other results.

    Champions league:
    * Hapoel Tel Aviv 3 - 2 Red bull *
    * FC Basel 1 - 0 Sheriff Tiraspol *
    * Beograd 2 - 2 Anderletch *
    * Sporting braga 1 - 0 Sevilla FC *
    * Werder Breman 3 - 1 Sampdoria *

    Europa league:
    * Besiktas 2 - 0 HJK Helsinki *
    * Alos Sanonika 1 - 0 Austria Vienna *
  5. Jumping on the wagon- Nuzlocke Challenge

    Well I have decided to do a Nuzlocke Challenge and even post a blog about it.

    I started with Quake the Turtwig, male.

    Caught a Bidoof as the first Pokemon and called it Fang. However it soon quickly died to another Bidoof around the same level

    Then I caught Volt the Shinx, was hoping he would be a good Pokemon so I trained him a bit, however I fought my rival at Jubifile and his Chimchar took Volt out (I was trying to hurt him quite a bit before Quake ...