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  1. Push in the right direction

    by , 18th July 2010 at 04:07 PM (What Immortal Hand or Eye...)
    So for the last week or so (excluding Thursday), I had no appetite. I lived on soda, water, and a measly meal a day (Thursday, I went out with friends; food was inevitable...and so is the money I owe them ;.;).

    It's probably been a mix of I-don't-wanna-go-shopping and honest depression, but today, I went food shopping (running low on soda). Long story short:

    Cottage cheese never tasted so fucking good. *devours* More!
  2. Wow I've changed since the last time I was on here...

    by , 18th July 2010 at 03:42 PM (ToP's Blog-Random thoughts and stories)
    Ever since I got my new, faster internet, I've been reading the Pokemon Special manga (on Onemanga.com) all the time and I wasn't on here for a while. During that time, I became a Red fangirl, because I realised how cute he was. xD

    Last time I was on here, I was just an Ash and Silver fangirl. Now, I'm an Ash, Silver, and Red fangirl!!! ;D
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  3. Thank you god~

    by , 18th July 2010 at 03:00 PM (Boobs, Fanservice, and ranting)
    I finally finished. Ughhh, it wasn't a pleasant experience considering how I had to repeat myself 55% of the time.

    But the dentist appointment went really well I guess...They just told me to brush the back more uggh. And I have to come back for a wisdom teeth pull (the last one) before I turn 20 ore else my insurance won't cover it ????

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Fuck you, America.

    The pool party was _really_ unexpected, especially since half the ...
  4. My summer is creepy~

    by , 18th July 2010 at 02:19 PM (&watchingyougrow~)
    So I'm being creeped on. Like beyond belief. I've seen one of my friends at work twice. Once was intentionally. The other was unintentionally. He works at Sonic & I tend to go there a lot after skating. :/ My other friend who works at Wendy's saw me eating with my mom, though I knew he was working. He had to work drive thru that day. xD Now he works front register. And then my floor guard buddy is being a creeper, but he just jokes around with me, so it's all good. And then last Friday, a few ...
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  5. Drinking, or lack thereof.

    by , 18th July 2010 at 01:37 PM
    A topic that's been coming up in my life recently...

    When I turned 21, I could legally drink.

    When I told everyone "nah, not into alcohol". They were taken aback.

    Is "having a good time" synonymous with getting drunk? Where did this start? Now don't get me wrong... I have no problem with people who drink socially, I just choose not to. But apparently, that makes me prudish.

    I just don't care for the stuff...