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  1. Know how much I actually care about the whole Isshu New York thing?

    Not at all ;)

    Oh yeah, and you can stop gloating now, Joe. You don't need to give the impression that you might be (gasp!) A jerk.
  2. Animania! Part 1

    (I added Part 1 as I know I will inevitably post a part 2 and possibly even a part 3)

    So tomorrow (or today, I dunno how those crazy time zones work) I am going to go to Animania! It'll be a two day event and I'll be attending both of them. I would just go on Saturday (which all of my friends are going on) except on Sunday, I'll be able to see RICA MATSUMOTO sing live as well as voice Satoshi! Unfortunately, she won't be staying for awhile, with a one hour Q&A session and only a ...

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  3. Goodbye 'Pocket Monsters: Diamond & Pearl'

    Yep, I just re-watched the episode two times on youtube in HD quality and I must say I'm heartbroken. (yes, for an anime character) I admit that I teared up once Misty left, but it wasn't the girl as it was much the farewell which got me all teary-eyed. I can't believe we will never see Dawn and her super-awesome Piplup again!

    Like many episodes, the final episode of DP is consisted out of both, touching and awesome moments.


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  4. Continuing on in MMBN2...

    I kept on going after that to earn WoodGuts. Figured I may as well get that shit out of the way. Once all that was said and done, I was finally able to move onto the chapter of BS, or so I've heard. Fun little fact about the Netopia thing I read and tried - even if you have 0 Zenny and no chips (trade them away) at the time, you'll still be able to shake down the guy who stole your money to get the nothing he stole back, and you'll still have to fight Millions for the chips she thinks she bought ...
  5. Isshu is confirmed to be based off of New York