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  1. another one bites the dust

    just defeated jupiter and all her cronies in eterna and it was so easy with most peons falling toa single bubblebeam or peck and the battle with jupiter herself went like this
    zubat: one bubblebeam and its down no match for my level 32 prinplup when its 21
    Skuntank: tried metal claw but didnt do much which surprised me as its poison but then found out steel isnt SE against poison even though its immune so just finished it with a bubble beam.
    decided not to evolve into empoleon ...
  2. Gaurdian Signs

    So I've done some playing and even if the "Use the Capture Styler to convey your feelings of friendship to the Pokémon!" is silly. It's fun and relaxing to just run around and circle Pokémon. I rather like it.
  3. Finally

    Pingu the prinplup
    level 30
    Gardenia defeated
    Turtwig:used peck and managed to defeat him before he used sunny day to power up cherrim
    Cherrim: defeated in two moves nefore it could use leech seed but took quite alot of damage
    Roserade: ended up using a load of super potions where I'd get it to full health so it could take two magical leaves and use peck until it fainted not pretty but a victory and probably will be my toughest for a while
    grew to level ...
  4. I'm pissed off, so here's a Pokemon article

    My roommate is a rude bitch. After class today, I'm going to report her to the floor counselor person. I'm stressed, but having a fucking alarm clock wake me up before 6am on the day two papers are due so I'm already under major stress is not fucking cool at all. She has the fucking nerve to go right back to sleep as I twist and turn for an hour and when I give up, she asks me why I'm up so early. And doing it for several days in a row after I tell her to stop? Fuck her.

    Anyways, ...
  5. What Should I Do For A Blog-Series?

    by , 7th October 2010 at 09:20 AM (Life of an Uneventful Otaku Nerd.)
    I have a few ideas for a series of blogs that will start after I get back from camping on my birthday. As that is only nine days away (I believe) I wanted to see if you all would help be decide on which idea I should use. The top two that I like the most are:

    1. A Episode by episode review of Season One of The Boondocks.

    Now this one I'm a bit worried on, as I don't wish to sound racist in any way. But I do love the show, and I would only use the "N" ...