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  1. Animania Part 3 - The Rica Matsumoto is Awesome Edition

    The highlight of Sunday for me was when I asked Rica Matsumoto a question at a panel and she said that I should become a seiyuu! (I think it might have been because of my deep voice?) It totally came out of the blue! I was so honoured that someone with that much life experience that I looked up to said something like that! (Must now update my unrealistic career plan).

    Translator on the left and Rica Matsumoto on the right! ...

    Updated 29th September 2010 at 08:55 AM by Winged Psychic

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  2. Screw You All, This Is My Last Day Here!

    by , 13th September 2010 at 07:43 AM (Life of an Uneventful Otaku Nerd.)
    Yeah, I'm leaving this site, again, but this time I am actually planning to come back! It is just about to be the release of Black and white, and I don't wish to read anything about the games. The only thing that I am checking is Serebii for the next two weeks, and that is ONLY to see new Pokemon.

    I believe that I studied a bit too much when the DPPt games came out, and was a bit disappointed that I knew so much that I didn't really enjoy the story until Platinum, so I want to shave ...

    Updated 13th September 2010 at 07:51 AM by Ino-Chan

  3. RAW should be fun today

    RAW Roulette is back. Hopefully, we get some good stuff, and not overly gimmicky garbage. Unless it's supabsurd, in which case, hells yeah
  4. Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke 10: The Hot Headed Gym Leader! May vs. Flannery!

    Another parody on the unneccessarily long Japanese episode titles.

    Jagged Pass. I now hate that place. I fell several times going down that damned excuse for route of some sort. Seriously, why isn't there are a shorter path to Lavaridge instead of having to go all the way up to Mt. Chimney and then going down Jagged Pass?

    As I was going down, beating several trainers on the way, I spotted a Team Magma Grunt standing next to a rock face. ...

    Updated 13th September 2010 at 11:08 AM by Ranger Jack Walker

  5. Rica Matsumoto at a convention


    If you ever wanted to hear her real voice, and ah...see something hilarious.