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  1. And so, a new generation begins.

    by , 16th September 2010 at 04:53 PM (The Deep, The Everyday, The Random)
    Today it happened. After months of waiting, the fifth generation of Pokémon started. With each gameplay image we got some more info. Until we suddenly had the entire Pokédex in front of us. That was it. It was the "flood" we all talked about.

    We now know all the Pokémon. We have their sprites, we know their names, and we'll find out more about them in the near future. After the storm comes the aftermath. We'll be discussing their designs, movepools and stats. People will ...

    Updated 19th February 2011 at 11:29 AM by Kamex

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  2. You are now manually remembering when zelda.com was a porn site

    Good times. If you don't remember, your only excuse is that you were still in your booties/the womb/doing the backstroke in your dad's nads at the time. Just imagine - trying to go to the site to find info on a game series you like, and BAM, naked women. Naked lesbian women! It brought a whole new meaning to the term "adult link".
  3. Despair (You should be looking at this)

    When I told people about my video games, I went and blew it, all sky high. They treated me like I was just plain trash. I hate when people act like this. And no guy ever wants to play, a game that rips off Nintendo. I thought I was doing right, but the pain is saying different, maybe I should just scrap all the games I was planning on doing. I know I shouldn't act like this, but people said my video games suck. Now I'm just miserable.

    You better not say anything mean about this song, ...
  4. Gen VI


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  5. The 'pede is totally like a Slowpoke

    The updates began with a roar, but have now been reduced to...uhh...some...really...slow move. >_> Whatever I suppose, life just keeps truckin' on. But still. :(