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  1. Spreading my Influence! (Warning: Language)

    I've opened an account on the Serebii forums for the purposes of spreading the influence of my fiction. Mostly, it's because I've found my spark of inspiration:


    Yes, the more people say: "YOU'RE FUCKING AWESOME!" And things like that about my fiction, the more I want to write. Also, it can work in reverse. If someone says: "YOU FUCKING SUCK!" I'll just yell at my screen: "I'LL MAKE YOU WISH YOU NEVER SAID THAT MOTHERFUCKER!" And ...
  2. My blog has reached an important milestone

    by , 8th October 2010 at 05:47 PM (Musings of a Collegiate Caffeine Addict)
    This is the 285th entry. Which means I have one entry for each of the Rules of Acquisition. (Cookie for anyone who gets the reference without Google).

    Fuck yeah. Bow down to my greatness.
  3. Is Bulbagarden seriously incompatible with 1024x768?

    So I had just finished something on the Internet that I needed Win7 Snap for, I close the tab, and Bulbagarden is behind it. I notice it has a side-scrollbar (although most everything does, as my screen is only 1366 pixels wide), but I try to see how big it'll be when the scrollbar goes away (because I know there are so many buttons on the menu bar). I extend the window until it does, measure in MS Paint, and it returns 1097 pixels wide. Now the page itself is smaller due to the vertical scrollbar ...
  4. I got swordtails today.

    Neat little fish. They're sharing a tank with some tetras and the algae eater we've had for like, god-knows-how-long-now. There's like five orange ones, one tiny little baby who's smaller than a fingernail, and a black one. The black one's funny. He keeps nipping at everything - some fake plants, the rocks, the glass, the algae eater's pellets (got him chased off), and even the algae eater himself (who didn't seem to notice/care).

    The tetras didn't know what to think at first. They ...
  5. PokeMorph High

    by , 8th October 2010 at 03:36 PM (The Somewhat Depressed Teenager)
    It has been a huge success, much more than I'd ever dreamed when I go the idea; and I just wanted to talk about the game that has been a part of me for so long now.

    One of my favorite things about it has been just watching the characters develop. When PMH started out, the characters were two-dementional little things that the players worked like puppets.

    Now they've pretty much taken on lives of their own. I can ever hear my character, Lessie's voice in my head. I can ...
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