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  1. Well, looks like the birthday's going to be a quiet one overall.

    I'm too old for presents, so it's not like I was expecting much there. Got obligatory congrats from peeps, but pretty much spent it chilling. Which I have no problem with - it's good to be chill. :D
  2. Shippings I support!

    Yeah...When it comes to Shippings, I'm an absolute fan.Buuuuut, they CAN make you go insane!!!xDD
    K, time for my list!^^
    ~SpecialShipping is my #1 Ship!
    ~AlexandrianShipping (Or was it AlexanderShipping..)
    ~ViridianShipping (Somewhat)
  3. Random Wrestling GIF of the Day #70: nexushappy.gif

    Nexus had better not lose at HIAC. It's too soon to break them up. Plus, you sometimes get crazy stuff out of them like this.
  4. my email

    I think my email has been hacked, i enter all my passward and username and it wont log in. any ideas on how to get it back? r will i have to get a new email?
  5. I have mail order degrees in murderology and murderonomy

    by , 28th September 2010 at 07:36 PM (Musings of a Collegiate Caffeine Addict)
    Just thought I would share that with ya'll.